Have you heard of the hottest trend that looks incredible and protects your eyes from overexposure to blue light? As we all adjust to a new lifestyle — whether it be working remotely, distance learning, playing video games online with friends, or binge watching Netflix — we’re also facing new challenges that come with increased screen time. The simple and stylish solution? Blue light blocking glasses, of course!

You’ve probably seen your favorite Instagram influencer, Youtuber, or Twitch gamer sporting a pair of blue light glasses while they’re vlogging, editing, or gaming. Blue light blocking glasses have had a major surge in relevance and popularity for good reason!

Do your eyes feel dry or strained after looking at a screen all day? Do you experience pesky headaches while you’re trying to enjoy a new tv show? Maybe you’re even having trouble falling asleep after browsing your phone before bedtime? Then you’ll want to hear the benefits of wearing blue light glasses.

Wearing blue light blocking glasses can help to reduce your risk of macular degeneration that is associated with overexposure to blue light. These glasses can also help to reduce side effects such as eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches, and prevent sleep cycle disruption. Read our blog Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It? to learn more about the effects of too much blue light.

Fifth & Ninth offers unisex blue light blocking glasses for adults and children in a variety of frame and color options to suit your face shape and personal style. Fifth & Ninth’s best-selling Chandler Blue Light Blocking Glasses have been featured in Forbes’ 8 of the Best Blue Light Glasses for 2020 as well as in PopSugar’s gift guide The Men in Your Life Will Obsess Over These 50 Gifts From Nordstrom For $50 and Under.