At Fifth & Ninth, we strive to provide a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers. However, unforeseen events such as lost, stolen, or damaged packages may occur during the shipping process. To ensure clarity and transparency regarding our policies, please review the following guidelines related to lost, stolen, or damaged packages:

Liability and Responsibility:

Fifth & Ninth shall not be held liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages or for any delays caused by the actions or defaults of the shipping carrier.

Our responsibility extends only until orders leave our warehouse facility. Once tracking information is provided, the safe delivery of goods is the shared responsibility of the shipping company and the customer. Replacement order costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping Address Accuracy:

Customers are required to provide accurate and complete shipping addresses when placing orders.

Fifth & Ninth will not be held responsible for items that are lost or stolen due to incorrect or insufficient shipping addresses.

Orders Placed on Instagram and Facebook:

Fifth & Ninth is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items purchased on third-party platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. If you have any issues with an order placed through Instagram or Facebook, you must file a claim with them directly. 

For more information, refer to Instagram’s Purchase Protection Policy:

To submit a claim through Facebook or Instagram:

  1. Go to your Activity
  2. Tap on the order
  3. Scroll down and tap Get help with your order
  4. Fill in the form with details about your issue and tap Send

Route Package Protection:

Customers have the option to purchase Route Package Protection when placing an order directly on Fifth & Ninth. Please note that while we make every effort to ensure your shopping experience is smooth and satisfactory, certain aspects of the shipping process are beyond our control. We strongly recommend considering Route Package Protection for added security in case of damage, loss, or theft during transit.

Add Route to your cart before checkout to protect your package in the event of Damage, Loss, and Theft.

Route Package Protection covers packages that are broken in transit, lost in transit, or stolen.

If you opt for Route Package Protection:

  • You will receive an email containing your Route Order ID and a link to report issues.
  • Alternatively, you can directly fill out the Resolve an Issue form on Route at this link:

For more information, refer to Route's Package Protection Policies:

Lost or Stolen Packages:

For orders placed on Fifth & Ninth without utilizing Route Package Protection, refer to the following recommendations to assist you in locating your package:

  • Please double-check that the shipping address you provided is accurate and up to date. A correct address is crucial to ensuring successful delivery.
  • There are instances when USPS and UPS update tracking information as "delivered" a few hours or even days before the actual delivery. We kindly ask you to allow at least 48 hours to pass to see if the package is indeed delivered.
  • Check if your carrier placed the package in a safe location out of view such as: garage, porch, side/back entrance, with others in your household or a neighbor.
  • If you're unable to locate your package, consider visiting your local USPS office. Bring your tracking information along, as they might have additional insights into the exact GPS location where the postal carrier delivered your package.

Below are links to each carrier’s claims support: 

Defective or Damaged Items

If you have received an item with manufacturing defects, please reach out to us at within 7 days of receiving your item. You will be asked to upload an image of the defective item and shipping box in order to approve your replacement request. 

If your item becomes damaged after delivery, it becomes your responsibility, and we will not be able to provide exchanges for such damaged items.