1. How would you best describe yourself?

    A. fun and outgoing
    B. calm and organized
    C. busy and hard-working
    D. open-minded and free-spirited

    2. Which friend are you?

    A. leader of the group, all attention on you
    B. book smart, go-to for help with homework
    C. supportive advice giver, the mom friend
    D. wild child, keeps everyone on their toes

    3. Which best describes your everyday fashion choices?

    A. very fashion forward
    B. comfy, stick to the basics
    C. work wear/uniform
    D. whatever is clean

    4. What is your favorite thing about fall?

    A. grabbing a pumpkin latte
    B. scary movie nights
    C. baking an apple pie
    D. corn mazes and apple picking

    5. Where are you going for Halloween?

    A. club or bar
    B. work office party
    C. handing out candy at home
    D. house party

    paris hilton sequin dress costume

    Mostly A's

    You should definitely go as your favorite celebrity this Halloween! Whether it’s the Iconic Paris Hilton sequin dress or Kim Kardashian’s monochrome biker look, grab your girls and hit the town! You’ll, for sure, be the center of attention looking like you’re as famous as a Kardashian!
    black cat halloween costume

    Mostly B's

    You can never go wrong with a basic black cat. Pair your favorite black skirt and shirt with a cat ear headband and you’re ready to go! Comfy, cute, and on the safe side, just how you like it! The black cat costume makes for a perfect Halloween 2019!
    wonder woman halloween costume

    Mostly C's

    The girl boss you are would wear nothing less than a Wonder Woman Costume this Halloween! Make a strong statement with the knee high red boots and WW logo, no one will mess with you this Halloween!
    mysterious fortune teller Halloween costume

    Mostly D's

    Own your wild child side! Go as a Fortune Teller! Being a child at heart, you could go as anything this Halloween but a Fortune Teller will really bring out who you really are, a free spirit! Plus, our Copper Luxe case would be the perfect finishing touch for a gypsy fortune teller costume this Halloween 2019!