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The Benefits of Water

Most people know that water is important for life, but do you know why?

Well to start, an adult female is about 55% water, and an adult male is
about 65%.

Even more interesting, the brain and heart are about 73% water, and the
lungs are a whopping 83%!

It doesn’t stop there, though.

For those of us who spend lots and lots of money on skincare products, it’s
important to know that the skin is made up of 64% water!

Even though most of us have heard that it’s good to drink 8 glasses of water
a day (8x8 rule), medical science is not settled on the exact number.

What is settled, though, is the fact that drinkng more water is a great
habit to get into for anyone looking to improve their health.

Even mild dehydration can cause brain impairment, mood swings and loss of

Drinking water has even been known to reduce headaches, aid in digestion and
help regulate body temperature.

And does it have any other benefits?  

You bet it does…

It can even help you lose weight!

Drinking water before dinner can help fill you up and even boost your
metabolism throughout the day.

Who can’t get behind that?