5 Reasons Why You Need Polarized Sunglasses for Winter

5 Reasons Why You Need Polarized Sunglasses for Winter

People often equate sunglasses with summer and sunny days at the beach, but did you know that you should wear sunglasses all year round? Just like wearing SPF, you still need UV protection for your eyes regardless of the season. Keep reading to learn the top 5 reasons why you need polarized sunglasses for winter.

1. Block out UV Light

Although the sun is lower in the sky during winter it still gives off ultraviolet light (UV) that our eyes are sensitive to. The side effects of short-term exposure to UV light can lead to eye damage and puffy red eyes. Long-term exposure can lead to serious side effects such as cancer of the eyes and eyelids, damage to the cornea and retina, and cataracts. Polarized sunnies offer 100% UV protection to keep your eyes protected while looking great.

2. Protect your eyes from bright glare

We love a good snow day, but the sun shining off of the bright white snow, water, and ice can cause temporary impairment of your vision leading to difficulty seeing or even accidents. This can be especially dangerous while you’re driving or enjoying a cold-weather activity such as skiing or hiking. Snow can also intensify the amount of UV light you get from the sun and reflective surfaces.
Polarized sunnies darken reflected glare so that you have an easier, safer, and more comfortable time seeing outdoors. Going on a ski trip? Pick up a pair of sporty frames like Racer, Rocket, or Jolie. Casual lunch with friends? Go with a classic aviator frame like our best-selling Lagos or Goldie

3. Keep wind, dust, and debris out of your eyes

On windy days, particles landing in your eyes can cause minor scratches/abrasions. This leads to dry eyes (or dry contacts), eye irritation and discomfort.
Keep moisture in and harmful particles out of your eyes with a comfortable pair of polarized sunglasses that you can wear all day. Wraparound frames such as our Rocket and Racer styles are especially good at blocking out wind and debris from the sides.


4. Prevent eye strain and headaches

Overexposure to sunlight can strain your eyes leading to squinting and headaches as a result. Polarized sunglasses have darker lenses that make it easier to see without straining your eyes and face. 
If you're looking for extra dark lenses, check out Rue, Willow, and Atlas sunglasses in black. 


5. Fashion

Last but not least, sunnies are a go-to statement accessory and the perfect finishing touch. With so many styles and colors to choose from you’ll always have an option for every look. Pick up a pair of best-selling polarized styles such as Rowe and Wren