Whether you plan on hitting the slopes or just want to look like someone who does, a pair (or more) of Fifth & Ninth's sporty sunglasses are the perfect statement accessory this winter. 
If you're going to be outdoors, then polarized lenses are especially beneficial because they can protect your eyes from bright glare, keep wind and debris out of your eyes, and prevent eye strain. 
Keep reading to shop your most flattering fit and get inspo for styling your new sunnies!
Disclaimer: This is a general guide for which frame shape complements your face shape the most—wear whatever style makes you happy!


1. Rocket Polarized Sunglasses

Rocket features a sporty wraparound silhouette that instantly makes every outfit look cooler.  

Most flattering for heart, diamond, oval, square, and round face shapes.

2. Andi Polarized Sunglasses

Andi features a cat eye frame with squared end pieces for a modern look.

Most flattering for heart, round, square, and diamond face shapes.

3. Lagos Polarized Sunglasses

Lagos features an oversized aviator frame that is designed to be bold without sacrificing style & comfort.

Most flattering for oval, rectangle, square, diamond, and heart face shapes.

4. Racer Polarized Sunglasses

Racer polarized sunglasses feature a bold sporty frame that will add a laidback edge to any look!
Most flattering for heart, square, round, oval, and diamond face shapes.

5. Walker Polarized Sunglasses

Walker features a lightweight aviator frame with beautiful gradient or mirrored lenses.

Most flattering for square, oval, rectangle, diamond, and heart face shapes.

6. Kingston Sunglasses

Kingston features a retro aviator frame for a timeless accessory that goes with any look.
Most flattering for square, diamond, heart, and oval face shapes.

7. Ivy Polarized Sunglasses

Ivy features a flat top asymmetric frame that will add a touch of effortless edge to your everyday look.

Most flattering for round, heart, diamond, and rectangle face shapes.

8. Jolie Polarized Sunglasses

Jolie features an oversized asymmetric frame and single lens structure. You'll turn heads in this stunning bold style!

Most flattering for diamond, square, round, oval, heart, and rectangle face shapes.

9. Jordan Sunglasses

Jordan features a tortoise shell, double-bridge aviator frame with stunning light blue lenses or a glossy black frame with piercing yellow lenses, these retro shades have all the style you could ask for.

Most flattering for square, diamond, heart, and oval face shapes.

10. Avalon Sunglasses

Avalon features a trendy square frame with a thick brim.

Most flattering for round, rectangle, and diamond face shapes.