Everything you need to know about our Clear, Blue Light Blocking, and Mirrored Screen Protectors. These days it’s almost impossible to find somebody with an iPhone that doesn’t have a screen protector on their phone. Screen protectors are as essential as having a protective phone case on your iPhone. Since you are spending a pretty penny on an iPhone, we here at Fifth & Ninth want to make sure that your phone is protected at all costs.
As you know, it sadly doesn’t take much for your phone to take a tumble. Nothing will ruin your day more than accidentally dropping your phone and realizing that your screen is now cracked and shattered. The best solution to protecting your phone, and making sure you don’t have to spend countless dollars on fixing a shattered screen is to make sure that you a tempered glass screen protector.
At Fifth & Ninth we like to have options, which is why we offer three different types of Screen Protectors: Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Mirrored Screen Protectors, and Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors. Which screen protector is best for you? Keep reading to find out which screen protectors meets your needs!

Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The best thing about our clear tempered glass screen protector, is that you will never have to worry again about your screen shattering if you accidentally drop your phone! Our clear tempered glass screen protector is specially engineered to keep your display safe while also keeping your screen scratch resistant and shatterproof.  It has a super thin 9H hard coating to prevent scratching, and is .33 mm thick to prevent shattering of the screen. Consequently, this screen protector is a must-have for every smartphone user. 
This screen protector will never restrict your touch or viewing experience on your phone screen. As a result, your screen will be so clear that you won't even realize a screen protector is there! Continue to comfortably use your phone while protecting it against daily wear and tear.

Mirrored Screen Protector

One of our personal favorite screen protectors is our mirrored screen protector which we have nicknamed “Beauty Glass”. This screen protector is truly one of a kind. While you are you are using your phone it appears to look like a typical screen protector, but there’s a twist.
Our Beauty Glass is an innovative mirrored screen protector that turns your screen into a vanity mirror when your phone is in lock mode. The Beauty Glass provides clear image quality when your phone screen is on and features impeccable touch sensitivity.
This screen protector comes in handy in many situations. Whether you need to do a quick makeup retouch, fix your hair, or double check that you don’t have spinach stuck in your teeth — our mirrored screen protector will assure that you always look at your best while on the go.
Another added benefit of using a mirrored screen protector is that you can protect your screen privacy to some extent while using your phone. Our Beauty Glass mirrored screen protector is a must-have product that you never knew you needed until now!

Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

If you are constantly on your phone and find that your eyes start to feel strained towards the end of the day, you might want to try our Blue Light Block Screen Protector. Display screens from computers, tablets, TVs and smartphones devices emit a significant amount of blue light.
The American Optometric Association has shown that too much Blue Light may cause eyestrain and can cause people to people.  It can also increase the risk of macular degeneration. Equally as important, overexposure to Blue Light can cause sleep cycle disruption by suppressing the production of melatonin. 
Our Blue Light Blocking Glass Screen Protectors not only protect your eyes, they also provide shatterproof protection for your device, keeping it safe from everyday bumps and bruises.
Our screen protector is impact and scratch resistant and filters harmful blue light wavelengths of 380 to 500 nm. The Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector is ideal for anyone in front of a screen for an extended period of time. They eliminate glare and reduce eye strain. This means that you can be on your phone longer replying to emails or scrolling through TikTok.
Whether you are somebody who likes to keep things simple or if you tend to be a little extra, we have the perfect screen protector for you! Between our Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Mirrored Screen Protectors and Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors you have plenty of options, no matter your lifestyle! Give yourself the gift of confidence knowing that your phone will be protected at all costs.