To say that I'm obsessed with my phone is an understatement. I'm incredibly cautious about potential drops, bangs and scratches. Absolutely everything I can do to protect it and extend its life, I do. 

Screen protector? Got it. Portable charger for when the battery dies while I'm on the go? Wouldn't leave home without it. A drop tested case? Nothing less. I don't find this at all excessive. In fact, there is good reason why I'm so protective.

cute anti shock phone cases

I completely destroyed every phone that I had through my teenage years and early twenties. The end result was lost photos, days out of touch and no communication, and of course the financial burden of having to replace phone after phone.
Many years and countless phones later, I can now say my current iPhone is over 4 years old and in no need of an upgrade anytime soon. This is largely because of the onerous pursuit of finding the best products to avoid all the expensive mistakes I've made in the past.
2020 is the year of self love, taking better care of our skin, and protecting our phones! Since we're on the topic of skincare and skin protection, how many times do we apply sunscreen at the beach and end up sleeping on our stomachs for the rest of the month because we totally forgot to cover our backs?
The face of your phone isn't the only side that needs protection! Not only does a protective iPhone case take the blunt of almost every single fall, but since most of the newer phone models are being made with primarily glass, it's a non-negotiable accessory. I've searched the market high and low for a case that was slim, light-weight, matched my vibe, and protected my phone from my clumsy moments.

Our Life Approved iPhone cases serve all of those purposes – they’re made with soft TPU and feature a raised lip for screen protection, soft press buttons, and open ports for easy access. Our cases are impact and scratch resistant, protective, lightweight, and slim. 
You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our military grade Anti-Shock iPhone cases are drop tested up to 6.6 feet (2M)! Don’t sacrifice style for protection — get Fifth & Ninth Life Approved!